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How to Make Google Happy - What Are They Really Searching For?

Devil In Disguise | 11:55 AM | 13comments
By Jerry Pelletier

It's no secret that all the virtual strings are being pulled by Papa Google. What Google loves, the world loves. What Google bans, ceases to exist.

The reality is, most internet marketers live on the seat of our chairs in fear that at any moment the powerful Google could decide to poke a hole in our dreams and years of hard work and watch them deflate in an instant. This is often because we don't know how to make Google happy. Learning what pleases the internet king can give some rest to the anxiety and is often rewarded with a lot more profitability online.

The "R" Word...

If there is one word that makes Google's business model work, it is "relevant." Google is constantly scouting out websites that are relevant and useful and exposing those that are not (in the eyes of the creeping Google spiders, anyway). Customers who depend on their search engine demand relevant, valuable information. There are many other competing search engines to turn to if they aren't satisfied.

Because of the "R" word, using the most effective keywords and placing them in a valuable context is essential to pleasing Google.

Relevancy on the Page...

Most of the content on your website must be directly tied to your keywords for the site. Further, each page needs to have content directly tied to specific keywords for that page. For instance, if your website covers all aspects of dog ownership and the page you are working on is targeting dog food, then content on the page should be related to dog food in some aspect.

If you target the keyword "umbrella stroller" because you see it is a highly searched for keyword, people who are led to your site through Google will be quite disappointed to get there and read about dog ownership instead of umbrella strollers. This is why Google highly dislikes sites that target keywords that are not relevant to the subject of the website.

The War is On...

Before Google hit the internet, the search engines of that time didn't care much about the relevancy of the sites it led people to. They simply didn't think people cared all too much about how relevant a site's content was to their search terms.

It actually benefited the search engines when unrelated sites were produced, because then people had to search a bit longer to find what they actually wanted. More searches and more time on their engines was good business for those search engines.

Google had a more searcher-friendly take on how business was operated. They wanted to produce results that were in line with what people actually wanted to view so their engine would be more convenient and valuable to searchers. Obviously, their business plan was way more popular since Google now sets all the standards that others have to meet in order to be even slightly competitive.

How to Appease Google...

Your chosen keywords are essentially a road map that tells everyone (searchers and engine spiders) what your site is about. You have to be very specific with these terms to be effective. For example, consider the difference between "pine lumber" and "pine trees." Pine lumber does come from pine trees, but when used in the context of an article or website content they are not the same thing. Someone looking to purchase lumber for a building project doesn't want to be led to your blog about the benefits of pine trees for the environment!

Everything has to meet the standards of that pesky "R" word. Your keywords must be relevant to the purpose and subject of your website. Your content must be relevant to those keywords. When this doesn't happen, you will be reduced to the heap of rejected and deflated sites that Google has kicked down so low very few searchers will ever find them again!

Yet, when the "R" word (relevant) is respected, everyone is happy and will work very well together, and that includes the webmaster, Google, and those searching for relevant information

Jerry Pelletier moved into online marketing from the home building industry, where he owned his own company for over 23 years. When I retired from the housing industry I quickly needed a new challenge, internet marketing filled that void. I absolutely think that everyone should start their own Home Based Business to build an additional stream of income or a primary income.

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